• What is Secondary Containments?

    In manufacturing environments exposed to harsh chemicals and/or severe temperatures, a vinyl ester or epoxy novalac product is recommended. Vinyl esters/novalacs are used mainly in the chemical processing industries, environments that require secondary containment or any area where concrete is exposed to chemical attack.

  • Secondary Containments Advantages

    Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction provides you with a system that minimizes your cost while providing unequaled performance.

    • • Secondary Containment Applications
    • • Combined Chemical, Temperature, Impact & Abrasion Resistance
    • • Unsurpassed Chemical Protection
    • • Complete Floor & Wall Containment Systems
    • • Seamless Floor-to-Wall Transition
    • • Sprayable, Broadcast or Roller-Applied
  • Secondary Containments Specifications


  • Secondary Containments Recommended Application Environments


  • Secondary Containments Maintenance

    Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can prolong system life. For specific information, contact the Technical Service Department.