• What is Terrazzo?

    TERRAZZO  is a decorative flooring system combining high solids, pigmented, epoxy resin with colored marble, granite chips or other approved aggregates in a troweled mortar system. This mortar is then ground and polished to reveal the natural beauty of the aggregates surrounded by the coordinating epoxy matrix. Available with a flexible membrane for added adhesion, toughness, durability and waterproofing.

  • Terrazzo Advantages

    • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
    • Typical Physical Properties
    • Unlimited color and design options
    • Durable and wear resistant 1/4” or 3/8” systems
    • Chemical and stain resistant
    • Fiberglass scrim optional for maximum tensile strength and crack isolation
    • Optional waterproofing and/or membrane
    • Meets and/or exceeds all NTMA and TTMAC standards
    • Meets ADA standards
    • Designed for easy to clean and smooth surfaces
    • Available with an antimicrobial agent
  • Terrazzo System Specifications

    Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 4.15.09 PM

  • Terrazzo Recommended Application Environments

    • Commercial, Retail and Institutional facilities
    • Animal Care and Animal Research
    • Health Care, Research and Pharmaceuticals
  • Terrazzo Maintenance

    Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can prolong system life. For specific information, contact the Technical Service Department.

Terrazzo Colors

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*Formulations using premium aggregates will increase the cost compared to standard aggregates.

This reproduction approximates actual color. This reproduction may not match actual finished system. Variations may be encountered on actual projects based on gloss, finish coat and texture. We recommend actual approvals to be based on contractors’ submitted actual samples.