• What is Sandblasting & Corrosion Control?

    Abrasive blasting, or commonly referred to as sandblasting, is the process of shooting bits of material to a surface at a high pressure. “Sandblasting” is actually an old term for abrasive blasting. Companies in the past used “sand” as their blasting medium which is hazardous to health and the environment. More responsible companies started using other media for their blasting procedures.

    PROUCO uses abrasives that are 100% safe and environment-friendly. Using more effective alternatives such as aluminum oxide, nickel slag and steel grit. PROUCO’S abrasive blasting techniques are also safer and more environment-friendly. Abrasive blasting is a delicate process and requires a controlled environment complete with proper ventilation, independent air supply, and protective equipment.

  • How Does Sandblasting Work?

    Sandblasting equipment is basically divided into three main parts:

    • • The abrasive medium
    • • The air compressor
    • • The nozzle

    After loading the medium into the compressor, the nozzle then focuses the pressurized air towards the material for sandblasting. Other than creating a trajectory for the blast, the nozzle also controls the pressure and the velocity of the material.

    The process of sandblasting has several purposes such as etching, decorating, and cleaning. In corrosion protection, the two main reasons of sandblasting a material are:

    1. 1. To remove corrosive materials from the object by projecting the abrasive medium to its surface.
    2. 2. To clean the equipment of any residual materials like dust, dirt, and other impurities prior to the application of anti-corrosive treatment.

    Using the combination of high-velocity air, sandblasting removes all the impurities and corrosive materials covering equipments. Once removed, it is now ready for the application of corrosion protection.

  • What Are The Protective Coatings Offered By PROUCO?

    PROUCO only offers nothing but the best protective coatings that follow the international standards of quality corrosion management.

    Among the coatings offered by PROUCO are:

    • •Primers
    • •Finishes
    • •Subsea and marine coatings
    • •Surface tolerant coatings
    • •Primer-finishes
    • •Intermediates
  • Sandblasting & Corrosion Control Recommended Application Environments

    The Caribbean comprises of hundreds of industries that heavily rely on superior corrosion protection, and among the industries that will benefit most from protective coatings are:

    • • Fabrication
    • • Subsea Equipment
    • • Energy Services
    • • Production
    • • Petrochemical
    • • Structural Steel
    • • Military
    • • Waste Treatment
    • • Processing/Refining
    • • Heavy Equipment
    • • Transportation
    • • Marine
  • Sandblasting & Corrosion Control Maintenance

    Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can prolong system life. For specific information, contact the Technical Service Department.