• What is High Build Wall System?

    High Build Wall System is a multilayer, water-based high build wall and ceiling surfacing systems utilizing an epoxy base coat and an optional water-based polyurethane as finish coat for color stability.

  • High Build Wall System Advantages

    • •Smooth and durable

    • •Highly washable surface

  • High Build Wall System Specifications

    Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.40.07 PM
  • High Build Wall System Recommended Application Environments

    • •Commercial kitchens

    • •Animal Care, Pharmaceutical facilities

    • •Healthcare, Clean rooms

    • •Food and Beverage facilities

    • •Locker rooms, showers and restrooms

    • •Packaging and storage areas

  • High Build Wall System Maintenance

    Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can prolong system life. For specific information, contact the Technical Service Department.