• What is High Build Troweled Mortar?

    HIGH-BUILD TROWELED MORTAR Systems are 1/8″ – 1/4″ high build protective resurfacing systems utilizing an epoxy and silica aggregate mortar, high build grout and seal coats. Different seal coat options are available for specific needs.

  • High Build Troweled MortarAdvantages

    • •High solids
    • •VOC compliant low odor during installation
    • •Protects substrates from conditions of thermal shock, and heavy impact and wear
    • •Resists degradation from many chemicals, acids and alkalies
    • •Wide range of colors available
    • •Available with an antimicrobial agent
  • High Build Troweled Mortar Specifications

    Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 12.29.18 PM

  • High Build Troweled Mortar Recommended Application Environments

    • •Traffic aisles and manufacturing
    • •Pulp and paper plants
    • •Waste water treatment facilities
    • •Pharmaceuticals
    • •Drum storage areas
    • •Petroleum refineries
    • •Food and beverage facilities
  • High Build Troweled Mortar Maintenance

    Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can prolong system life. For specific information, contact the Technical Service Department.